A Cure For Loneliness – Guided Meditation

What is loneliness? Loneliness is only a feeling. It is a feeling created from a conscious or subconscious thought that you are alone. A thought of separation. That you have no friends. That you are not loved, or what have you. It doesn’t matter if these things are true or not. Your life can be full of people and you can still feel lonely. Or you can actually be alone and feel lonely. You can have friends and feel lonely, or you can have no friends and feel lonely.

But loneliness doesn’t have anything to do with the external circumstances of your life. It only has to do with you. What you are thinking and what you are feeling. Inside of us we all have the same source of light. In fact, we are this light. And sometimes we feel it. We feel good. But we don’t always know why. Often we link it to an external source, like a nice sunset, a funny sitcom, something someone said or did.

What these events do is to open up a channel, if only for a short time, into our light. But we don’t have to depend on external things to make us happy. We can build up that channel to the light ourselves, with the help meditations, affirmations and visualizations. Our happiness is inside. It has always been there and will always be there. Sometimes it can be hard to find it or feel it, but that doesn’t mean it is not there. It only means it is covered, like gem is covered by dirt.

And inside us it is covered by thoughts, belief systems, and old mindsets that when we focus on them creates bad feelings. Like feelings of loneliness. The cure for loneliness is to change our focus and thus let the dark thoughts be eradicated by the light that is the source within every one of us.

Hopefully, this meditation will help you do that. There is no guarantee of course, that just listening to this will cure your feelings of loneliness, but I think it is a good chance it will help. Especially if you do the meditation several times, so the new thoughts and the new focus can get rooted.

During the meditation I want you to focus you your inner bliss. Try to sense that feeling of relief inside. That feeling of bliss. You can not think that this meditation is another ‘sitcom’ that is going to make you laugh for a short while. You have to actively let the mediation help you focus on your bliss. But it is you who have to do the focussing. You also have to be open for it to work with you.



Let’s start by finding a comfortable postion. Either sitting or lying down.

Sit preferably with a straight back.

And then, draw your breath in. A deep breath. And breath out and relax your whole body.

And as you feel that your body is relaxing you’re breathing more deeply.

And for every breath I take, I go deeper and deeper into myself. And I am relaxing more and more.

Take another deep breath. And as I breath out I feel my body relaxing it’s muscles. All tension dissolving.

I feel the bliss of my inner fulfillment.

I am so relaxed.

I breath deeply and fully.

My jaw is relaxed. My neck is relaxed. My shoulders are relaxed. My arms are relaxed. My upper back is relaxed. My whole back is relaxed. My chest and my stomach is relaxed. But I am sitting straight. My hips are relaxed. My legs and feet are feels relaxed. My breathing is relaxed and deep and natural. It’s nothing I have to think about. It is just deep and filling me up with pure clean oxygen.

I trust life, I trust nature, I trust myself. My big self. My higher self, that has the over view.

I know that sometimes I can feel lonely. That is a feeling created by a thought that I am alone.

But this is just a feeling. And that is just a thought.

And the loneliness can not be cured by any external measures. I can feel lonely if I am alone. And I can feel lonely if I am with other people.

The loneliness feeling comes from a thought of not being connected. Of feeling separated. What do I then feel separated from? I feel separated from my own bliss, from my own fulfillment.

But I know now that this bliss and this fulfillment is inside of me always, everywhere, anytime. And I can access it anywhere, anytime, right now.

And I feel this bliss now, filling me up. I feel it in my chest, in my heart, in the center of my body. Filling up every part of my body, going into my fingers, my tows, into my heart, from my heart into my neck, into my head, into my shoulders, into my back, into my hips, into my thighs, into my knees and every joint, every muscle, every fibre, every organ in my body.

And it is spreading out of my body and into the world around me.

It is spreading from me into everything.

I feel happy. I feel content. I feel this feeling of joy, of knowing, of wisdom, that is in me.

I know that I am not from here. I am not only my flesh and blood. I am something much much bigger.

I am not letting myself be fooled anymore by all the advertizements, all the people trying to tell me that happiness is something outside of me.

If I just buy this, or go there, or think that, or get that, car, money…I’ll be happy. I know that it is not true.

Why do I know that? Because I am experiencing it right now. I can feel the bliss inside of me. It’s always been there. It’s always gonna be there. The reason I’m not feeling it sometimes is because I’m not aware of it because my attention has been led away from it.

This is one of the traps, you could say, of being in this 3D world. And it is one of the things we are here to overcome. The light is always here within us, within everyone.

And I can feel this light and this relaxation and this bliss and this fulfillment, filling up my body, healing my body, healing my mind. Making me feel good.

I’m sitting here and feeling it now.

So blissful.

I know, because I feel it. Because I experience it right now, right here, in this moment. And this moment is all there is, it’s always been at is always will be. And I am a new person in every new moment. And I choose to be. I am creating the past, just like I am creating the future. I am creating it from my state of mind right here, right now.

And there is nothing I have to do. I only have to be aware of this bliss that I’m now feeling. And I’m gonna sit here or lie here and feel it. My joy.

And with this joy I am never lonely. Because the feeling of loneliness can not be here at the same time as I am feeling this bliss. They are mutually exclusive.

And this feeling of bliss is what extinguishes all loneliness, all bitterness, all depression, all anger, all hate.

Any negative that you can ever imagine is extinguished by this bliss that I am feeling right now. Inside, in my heart.

My back is straight. My intention is clear. I am here to rid all of us of fear and loneliness. It disappears. Just like shadow or darkness disappears in the light.

This light is in me. I am consciously aware of it because I can feel it and experience it every second of every moment of my life. In my waking hours and in my sleeping hours.

I am filled with this light.

Like I am filled with it now, and this feeling of bliss. And I am determined to spread this light all over the planet and this universe.

And it is in me and I am thankful for it.

I know. I know. I know. I know.

The bliss is here.

The light is here.


I’m in deep meditation.

Relaxed. Relax my whole body.

I’m fulfilled.