More Meditation is a site about meditation, happiness, consciousness, and personal fulfillment. It is about taking True Control over your own life, which can only be done by Letting Go.

It is about understanding how your mind works, why we are here, how everything is connected, how to be happy no matter what, and it is about getting all of this deep under your skin, so that it becomes your natural state of being.

It is possible to transform to a person who radiates harmony and bliss. Silencing of the mind and opening up to the light that always shines behind the clouds of our thoughts is the answer.

Through my years of experience with self help of many kinds, courses and praxis of the Silva Method, Knowledge Meditation, Falun Gong and my education as a composer and jazz singer, I have started to record guided meditations with specially composed music.

I started it mainly because it helped me in coping with life, reaching my goals and stay happy. I had been miserable for too many years without it getting me anywhere. Eventually I realized that it was my state of mind that was reflected in my life. It turns out that the universe is nothing more than a copier, reflecting my conscious and unconscious thoughts back to me in the form of more or less pleasant life events.

Through personal experiences I realized that my thoughts and feelings do have an effect on my life. When I manage to ‘think positive’ things actually go better. Trouble is that ‘thinking positive’ is not just something you can do. At least not I. It has to come from inside. Somehow.

Now, what’s neat is that the inside reflects the outside and opposite. So, all one have to do is to feed oneself with the positive thoughts that one wants to have reflected in one’s life. In the beginning it might feel odd and strange, listening to all of this ‘positive crap’, but wait, see, and experience for yourself.

Have something happened lately? Something positive? Have you felt better generally? ‘Ah, sure, but…that hasn’t got anything to do with….or has it…?’. Yes, it does.

Getting these new positive thoughts and images into your brain can be done in several ways. You can tell them to yourself, within or out loud. You can read them. You can listen to them. You can repeat them.

But the most efficient way I have detected is to ‘program’ yourself with the new thought patterns while you are in a meditative state. And that’s why I am doing the guided music meditations.

I am doing them in a way that I feel I have benefit from them myself, and hope that others might feel the benefit too. So far, I have only gotten positive feedback (see, it works!) on them. In addition I write about helpful books I’ve read and films I’ve seen, and thoughts and experiences I have in regards to why we are here, the universe, life, death (not that it exists) and a lot in between.

Hope you enjoy it.

aka Harald Sandø