Abundance! Abundance!

Abundance, abundance, abundance! What is this abundance anyway. What do you really want? What to you really need? Abundance of money? Of food? Of time? Of light? Of darkness? Of happiness? Of air? The truth is that LIFE IS ABUNDANT. Always. All ways. Why? Because Life is infinite. It can not Not be abundant. The very quality of Life is that it is abundant. Of course, you can feel that it is not abundant. You can think it is not abundant. But those are only your thoughts and feelings. They are not the truth. The truth is that abundance is everywhere, and when you accept it, you will think it, and when you think it, you will feel it too. And, as a result, your life will change. It has too, since you are the creator of your life through your thoughts and feelings.

IMG_6708You might believe that you want this or that. Like, a new car, for instance. Why do you think you want that car? If you had grown up in the jungle and never seen a car before, you for sure wouldn’t want a car. Besides, there’s no roads in the jungle… Not many, anyway. But maybe you see my point? The same goes for money. Had you grown up in the jungle you might have wanted a new bow and arrows, which you probalby could have made yourself from the abundance in the jungle. But you wouldn’t have wanted money, or a car. These wants, as most wants are, are made up by our society. They are not real. This ‘modern’ society has been living in a trance for several thousand years. A trance that started around the time that money was invented.

The truth is that nature is abundant with everything we could possible want in this life. And when I say ‘nature’ I include You. You have the imaginative abilities to satisfy whatever you might long for. Still, longing and wanting might not be the answer at all. Why to you want anything? Why do you want this ‘abundance’? Being satisfied with what you’ve got might bring you much much more than you ever expected. True abundance comes from You. You are the source of your abundance. Abundance is a choice. It’s a feeling. It’s a knowing. What do you really need?

Actually, we humans don’t need much. Some food, a place to sleep. The rest comes from you. We all have a goldmine inside. A treasure so big, that it can feed the world, if we truly let it out. The only thing that is stopping us is ourselves. We are stopping each other with our fucked up thoughts about scarcity. Thoughts that are being pumped out through our media outlets constantly. Thinking that money is the solution to everything. It isn’t. We can’t build houses with money, we can’t eat it. Yes, money is in this world today, and we can’t make it go away with a snap. But, we can be aware that money is not abundance.