Affirmations and Visualizations

If you haven’t heard about affirmations before, it’s about time. As you might know, you are constantly programming yourself with what you are saying to you self. Consciously or unconsciously. If you constantly walk around saying to yourself ‘I am an idiot, I am an idiot’, or likewise, you will end up an idiot. If you, on the contrary, say to yourself, ‘I am intelligent and successful’, you will end up intelligent and successful. Well, it’s not as easy as that, but, affirmations play a vital part in your life. Whether you know about them or not.

IMG_7761Affirmations in general are words or sentences that you repeatedly say to yourself that are positive and will help you in you life in some way. Affirmations combined with visualization and action is very powerful. And if you do the visualization and affirmations in a meditative state, when your brain is in alpha mode, they are even more powerful. The trick, though, is not to put too much weight on them, not to expect anything of them, really. It sounds like a paradox, and it really is, like so many things in this Love Based World, but it’s true. If you attach expectations to your affirmations and visualizations they will work counter effective. In a sense, the affirmations and visualizations have to ‘come by themselves’. They can’t be forced into being.

I think the trick is to just give yourself a keyword of what it is you want to fantasize about, and then let your ‘brain go wild’. Do not try to force images into your brain, let them come naturally. Try more to ask yourself the question ‘what if…?’, and fill out the rest with the things you might be wanting. I say might, because many of our wants are created by society, not by our selves, and thus they might not be right for you, and will only give you a lot of pain and frustration. Trying to ‘affirm’ into being something that you don’t really want WILL NOT WORK. I have been there and tried that, so I talk from experience. As said, go for what you really want, not something society, your parents, your friends, or whatever thinks might be right for you.

When you, in your meditation, rather ask for instance ‘what if I would be a good tennis player’, and then see what your mind comes up with, you will get much more interesting and healthy results, rather than trying to force yourself to visualize becoming a good tennis player. If becoming a good tennis player is what Life has in store for you, then your mind will automatically give you vivid images of you being a good tennis player. If, however, you have a more talent in being a good tennis reporter, then this is what will be displayed.

Your mind is infinite, but you and your personality here in this lifetime is not. You are born with some talents that might be stronger with you, than with others, and opposite. Everyone can not be interested and talented in everything. Thus, affirming your true talents and interests will be much more efficient than anything else.

The reason this is true is also that you might develop a fear of not succeeding if you try to force yourself into visualizing something in particular. This fear can ruin everything you try to accomplish. That’s why letting your mind go a bit wild is a good thing. Just give yourself a hint about what you want to do, but don’t overdo it. If it’s right, it’s right. If not, it’s not. Just relax and let you vast mind do the work.

When you have realized this, your life will be much easier and fun. No need to chase whatever everyone else is chasing. When you are relaxed and easygoing things will come to you much easier also. And when you meditate, do affirmations, fantasize and visualize in this way solutions to problems will also occur out of the blue. You will find the most surprising solution, you’d never think of in a ‘normal’ state of mind.

How to get there? How to get to the level of mind where you automatically gets these images? There are many ways. The Silva Method is a way I’ve been practicing many years. So is Maharaji, The Knowledge. The Silva Method is a bundle of mental tools to help you achieve many things, while The Knowledge is more a simple meditation that, on me at least, have a very powerful effect. Personally, I choose to combine methods to see what results I get. Nothing is forbidden in this universe. You can do whatever you like. Some people might say ‘stick to only this method’ or ‘guru’. That may work for them, and you. So, if it does, do that, but still, to find the method that works for you, you sometimes have to try several. Unlike religion, that claim ‘our religion is the only one’, mental methods and spiritual teachers say the opposite. There are many methods and teachings, experience them for yourself.