Being Compassionate

A truly compassionate world would have looked a lot different from the one we have today. At least from the world we see in the media. But don’t we have compassion? Has Humanity been reduced to a bunch of egoistic brutes stepping on each other and only thinking of themselves? I think not. There are signs we are becoming more and more compassionate. Still, we have the Money Monster lurking over all of us, in the back of our minds. The scarcity monster, telling us that ‘I have to think of my self, or else I might suffer’. I spite of this, there are many people trying to be compassionate.

IMG_7319.jpgWhat does it really mean, being compassionate? Giving some money to the poor through help organizations? Hardly. In the daily life being compassionate means you have an open heart to your surroundings. It means listening to your loved ones. Helping your old aunt.

Compassion is one of the many feelings embedded within Love. Compassion means opening your heart, feeling what others feel and really understanding their problems while showing them you care. How is this done? It is done by being on the other ones wavelength. Getting out of ones own head and into ones own heart. Showing true interest, not just ‘pretend interest’. My mum was a good woman, but she didn’t always understand me, even though she wanted to and tried to. So, when she didn’t manage this, she ‘pretended’ her compassion, and I could see right through it. That she didn’t understand.

In a case like this, it’s better to say ‘I don’t understand, but I’m trying to’, rather than pretend. Understanding is crucial for true compassion. Without real understanding, compassion will be fake. If you want to show your compassion to someone, it is not about handing out money or being sympathetic. No. It’s about understanding the best you can and doing what you can to help.

Misunderstood compassion can be harmful if it results in blindly doing something for someone that they don’t need. True compassion means understanding what they need and then fill your part in helping fill that need. Many people want to help, and many people need to be helped.

What does being compassionate do for you? Not that you should need anything in return for being compassionate. Still, any loving feeling and action you can share with the world will reflect positively back on you. But of course, this can not be the reason for the feeling or action, if so it will not work, because the feeling will not be real. On the other hand, if you are truly compassionate and constantly work on helping others, you will be helped as well.

I know it is difficult to be totally unselfish in this world where we are fooled to believe we have to think of ourselves first, and then the next person. But look at the people who do truly selfless, compassionate work in this world. Thousands and millions of people follow them and help them, and all their needs are being met, as they help meet the needs of others. Being compassionate is a mindset. Actually, you have to get out of your mind, because compassion is in your heart and soul, not your mind. Compassion can not be calculated, it has to be felt and shared.