Everything is OK – Guided Meditation

Even though we might at times think that something is not ok in this world, something is wrong, something is not the way it should be, there’s a voice, even though it is muffled and almost inaudible, deep inside, that knows that everything is ok. Everything is going to be fine. It is going to work itself out.

Learn to trust that voice and make it stronger. Nothing is solved by fear, anxiety, anger or hate. Nothing. Everything is solved by trusting that it will be ok. Everything will be ok. With this trust, solutions come.


Let’s start by finding a comfortable position.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath. And breath out and relax.

I feel that my whole body is relaxing more and more.

I’m sitting with a straight back. I take another breath. Deep breath. And as I breath out I relax more and more.

Every breath I take makes me relax my whole body deeper and deeper. And I’m receptive to only good things. And this is not a selfish act because if I am to be able to share my talents and gifts and my energy with the world, I have to be centered and focussed and relaxed. If I am stressed and in a hurry I will only make others stressed and in a hurry as well.

And I breath in and out and relax more and more. My fingers are relaxed. And I feel my back is relaxed but straight. My jaw and neck is relaxed. I can feel it’s relaxing.

I know that everything is OK. There’s nothing to worry about.

Everything is working out fine. We are good. I love the world. I love my life. I love other people. And I have a deep gratitude towards the universe giving me the gift of Life.

I know that when I relax more and more, which I am doing now, into the knowledge of my inner fulfillment. I know that everything falls into place in my life. And the synchronicities happen just like magic.

Everything is perfect just the way it is. Everything is OK.

I know that if I want to change anything I have to accept it first. And after I have accepted it I have to love it. And then I have to bring in my replacement instead.

What you resist persists. What you release you can do whatever you want with. Releasing is accepting. And in it’s utmost consequence it is loving. And I am accepting and loving this universe and this planet for what it is. Because it can be no different. And I trust that everything is happening for a reason in perfection. In perfect harmony. So that we all can develop and evolve further and further into this infinite time and space.

And I’m in the middle of this. Knowing that this is so. And my thoughts and my feelings are creative. And I know that my feelings are the guidance system of my thoughts. And when I feel good, relaxed, fulfilled, that is because I am focused on the conscious or subconscious thoughts that I think is good. That are supporting me.

If I don’t feel good I can be certain that that is because I am focusing on the thoughts that I don’t want. Consciously or unconsciously. My brain is thinking the thoughts and my heart is feeling them. And I feel the feelings in my heart. And my thoughts are creating whatever it is that I am thinking about. Constantly.

And I am OK. That’s what I’m thinking. I am good. We are good. We are OK. We are perfect. And I’m accepting that. And if I want something instead I accept what is first. And then I insert the new thought of how it can be instead.

I love what is. I accept all my creations. All my creations are beautiful and wonderful. Strong.

I accept everything about my self, about this world, and about everyone else. All the time. Every hour, every minute and every second of the day.

I know that I can change my behavior, my reactions, my patterns. Because I will remember constantly to check myself.

I don’t have to react negatively towards anything. I only have to accept it. And I am accepting it. Whatever happens to me I am accepting it. And I welcome it. That way I am transforming it into something positive for me and everyone else.

Everything is OK. I’ll always remember that. I’ll always be calm. I know that anger, resentment are not friends of mine anymore. I know that calmness, joy, inside, that puts a smile on my face will constantly create the good things I want in my life, while anger and resentment will constantly create the bad things that I don’t want in my life.

That’s why I’m choosing constantly from now on to accept and welcome and transform everything into positive energy for me and everyone else.

Everything is OK. Everything is OK.

I love everything. I love everything.

My breath is deep and relaxed, and I’m feeling good. I’m feeling very good. I’m feeling better and better. No matter what happens. I know that by me feeling good, I can change it.

I’m feeling the Bliss and the Light of the Source entering me. I’m feeling it filling up my chest, my heart, my body. I’m feeling it surging through my legs and up through my thighs. Up through my back and my spine, up into my neck, into my head, and down again over my nose, my mouth, through my throat, into my chest, down into my stomach, into my genitals, up again through my back into my shoulders out into my arms and out from my hands and into the universe again.

This surge of energy is going from the Source through me and back to Source. And on the way it’s backed up by other beings, humans animals and plants, being rejuvenated by this energy. It is spreading and cleaning though me and into the universe. Cause I have a direct contact with the source and the light of the source is streaming through me. I am feeling this now. Getting energized. Knowing that everything is ok, everything is perfect. And I have the force to change to change whatever I want to change by loving it first. And then inserting my new ideas coming from the source. The source of my soul.

I’m waking up again now. Feeling my body. Coming back to this moment. Opening my eyes. My eyes are open. And I’m full of energy.

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