I love to share my wisdom and knowledge with you. Giving to others freely is a gift in itself. Nothing is more fulfilling than experiencing that others are actually helped by what I share. Be it meditations, articles, music, films or books, created by my self, or by others.

With a world where we all think that giving is a fulfillment of Self, no one will have anything to worry about, since we would all provide for each other, and experiencing the greatest joy in doing so. I must say that my life changed the day I really started to think about giving, rather than selling my services. Yes, we live in a world of money and selling today, and we are somewhat trapped within it. But we can still have the mindset of the gift.

I am not saying I never accept anything in return, it’s just that everything is turned upside down. My outset it to give something and be of service. The recipient may give something back, and that is ok, since that would be a part of the flow of the universe. But in a world where everyone gives, and even money might be abolished, we will have a continuous gift flow, a network of giving, where one does not have to give back directly to the other, but can give to someone else, continuing the flow of gifts.

And I have never gotten so much back ever before, since when I realized that we are all One, and what I give out from my heart, I do get back tenfold. It can be easy to forget, though, that the reasons I do stuff, is for my own fulfillment and for service to others, not for money or other goods in return. I have to remind myself of this now and again, but more and more seldom. It becomes more and more natural to give and share from my heart and soul.

If you would like to give too, you can either help someone else by ‘paying it forward’ or share this website with someone you think will like/need it, or you can pay to download one or more of the meditations in here. I hope you are helped by this in some way. I write all the articles on this website and make all the meditations in a heartfelt modus, trying to share what I have learned that have helped me through the years. Hope it might help you too.