Healing With John of God

I just saw the documentary¬†Healing: Miracles, Mysteries and John of God. I can safely say that this film made a bigger impression on me than any experience I have had in a long time, whether it be books, films, people or meditations. We live our day to day lives and maybe we believe in God, or some other ‘higher force’, but we don’t experience it, and thus we tend to forget.

Personally, I am convinced there are, not only one, but many ‘higher forces’, though all united and stemming from the One you can call God, or whatever you like. And I do believe we are not ‘physical beings having a spiritual experience’, but rather the other way around; ‘spiritual beings having a physical experience’.

We have had many lives on this earth, resulting in many experiences manifesting sometimes as diseases in our bodies. John of God is living in Brasil, and is a man whom have been blessed with the gift of being a channel for many different entities doing healing work on thousands of people every day through him.

Splash_Trailer_720x432_v01The film shows several of the people who have become healed by visiting him in Brasil, but also gives an eye opening reminder of who we really are, which after all is the basis of all healing.

I found this film the other day in my local alternative store, whom had not sold films before, but had this one and several others on display now. Sometimes I get these urges to go into the alternative department of book stores to find new inspiration, information and reminders of who I really am. This time, it almost came to me as I only went there to buy a deodorant, but ended up with 3 films and one CD as well.