How to stay in the moment

I just got a realization. After years of stress, worry and struggling in my life, even though I looked at myself as ‘spiritual’ and meditated regularly. In spite of this, I often felt sorrow for the past and worry about the future. Two years ago I also got a Stroke that paralyzed me in my whole left side, making me unable to walk or use my left hand. At the moment before the stroke, I was a very happy, active and versatile person with many interest, among them playing guitar and drums, maling films, swimming , biking, hiking, skiing and gardering. I was in a wheelchair for almost 6 months, and after 8,5 months, my wife left me. Now it is over two years since my Stroke. I walk with a cane, but still can’t use my left hand. Doc in the hospital said I might never be able to use the hand again, while another doc later said there is hope, but I need a lot of physiotherapy. So I am taking physiotherapy and doing all the exercises I can, but still seem to be a very long way from using the hand again in any meaningful way, if I’ll ever get there. The gnawing uncertainty about the future combined with the excruciating sorrow for the past has almost killed me sometimes. I used television and going to cafes as distractions from worrying too much, until I found a method that beats both tv and cafes, and it works immediately. I’ve of course heard how important it is to stay in the moment and how this can calm you down and free you from worry and sorrow… but how?! How do you stay in the moment?? The method I have found is very simple and goes as follows: I simply fix my eyes on a spot right in front of me, whether it is a light switch on the wall, the wall itself, a cloud, a plant, the eyes of whom I am talking to or whatever. I only hold this gaze for a few seconds, while I at the same time try to be aware of my peripheral vision and my surroundings. I do this whenever a worrisome or sorrowful thought comes up to ‘anchor’ my self in the present and be aware that ‘Now’ is all there is and there’s really nothing to worry or fell sorrow about. I also try to be aware of a feeling of peace, calm and even happiness that can flow over me and down through my chest. It feels like my surroundings turns into a protective cocoon of light, and in the middle of this sphere I am totally protected and totally at peace. This is the moment, the ‘present’, the Gift the Universe and Life has given to all of us I think. I also think it is important not to be judgmental about this moment in any way. If you’re sitting in a filthy garage or on a mountaintop with a stunning view doesn’t matter. The moment is the same and the present is your gift wherever you are. All of this might take some practice of course. Good luck!