Humor, Health and Self Irony

IMG_5517Humor is extremely important for your health and your everyday happiness. To be able to smile at life’s quirkiness is crucial to joy in your heart and soul. There’s a lot of talk about happiness, but talk doesn’t really make us happy. Happiness is an experience, not an intellectual understanding of something. You can’t force happiness and humor, of course, it has to come natural.

So laugh and smile! Come on! Don’t be so serious! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Ok, this might seem a little cramped. Hehe…. We all have different humor. I remember I had a girlfriend who I laughed good together with when we saw movies together. But she never laughed whenever I tried to be funny. And I never laughed when she tried to be funny. It was a bit strange. In any case, the relationship ended on these grounds. My present girlfriend (well, wife, actually) laughs at me all the time. Well, not all the time, but a lot. Whenever I make a funny face or say something daftly funny, she laughs. Actually, I’m surprised at times that she laughs of my silly humor, but very delighted.

In any case, you should take yourself lightly. Look at things in a bigger perspective. Look at yourself from the outside. Live light. It’s interesting how the word ‘light’ means two similar things. When you live light, you will get more Light into your life. And the more Light you have in your life, the better health you will have. Humor is the essence of living light. Humor is the essence of Light. I am not talking about the light we can see with our eyes, but the ‘inner Light’. The feeling you have that is opposite of darkness and depression. The light feeling of happiness.

So whenever something ‘bad’ happens, try to remember to not put too much weight on it. Think of it as just ‘something’. Nothing special. It was just something that happened, ‘now I move on’. And in the aftermath (which might be one second or maybe one year after, depending on the event), try to smile at yourself. Smile to the ‘thing’ that happened. Thank it for showing you the way to happiness, for allowing to take control of your own mood, bringing humor in, and live in good health. Because without the event, you might have just been floating around in bliss without knowing it.