I Am God – And So Are You

In almost all religions there is a notion of ‘God’ as the creator of this world. The word ‘God’ is also one of the most misused and misunderstood words in history. What are your thoughts about God? Do you believe in God? These are questions asked by many to many in thousands of years. Many people say they ‘believe’ in God, while others deny the existence of God as atheists. But what is God? Really? The creator of heaven and earth? The lawmaker in the Universe? The judge between good and evil? The One who sends you to heaven or hell?

IMG_8167No matter what we say what God is, it is WE who say what God is. Either if we draw our information from a book, or several books, or from our own experience. God is thus created by us. This might be a radical statement, but when you think about it it is not so far fetched. This doesn’t mean that God does not exist. Absolutely not. God exists, but maybe not as we usually think of God; as something unreachable or distant, or something/someone judging us, our actions, words and thoughts. No. God is our common creative force. God is a process. God is everything that is and everything that is not. It is nothing that God is not. God is the creative power instilled in each and every one of us. God is Love. God is Life. God is the process of Life. We are all God.

No matter where the information about God comes from, it has to be interpreted by us. And even the interpretation itself can be called a creative act, because information alone does not give any meaning. We have to add the meaning to the information, thus we are creating meaning when receiving information. So, who is creating here? We or ‘God’? And where does the information come from in the first place? Who is to say that this whole ‘reality’ is not a big illusion? Actually, it is. What we end up with then is that ‘I am God’, since I am the one creating and experiencing this illusion. Since we are all experiencing a universe with more creation beings, means that we are creating this universe together.

Giving our power away to God is something religions have wanted us to do for millennia. Saying that the power we once had over our selves in conjunction with nature is not ours, but God’s is one of the smartest tricks that has ever been played on Humanity to gain control over the Human Race. God is in every one of us, or rather, God IS every one of us. God is not something or someone residing outside of this universe. God is You. God is Me. We humans possess an amount of power extremely much higher than ever imagined in our lifetimes. We can actually create with our thoughts. No wonder, since we’re all Gods.