I Love My Body – Guided Meditation

Loving yourself is paramount for a good life. And loving yourself is not difficult. It all hangs on what you say to yourself. Your body is a big part of yourself, and the way you think about it and the things you constantly say to yourself about it contributes to shaping it.

This meditation focuses on the body and implements good thoughts. The more you listen to it, the more it will be internalized and reflected in the actual appearance of you body. To ‘change’ your body, you need to accept it and love it first. Then, you might find that it changes, either through your perception of it or through physical change, or both.

In my experience, other people’s perception of me is directly linked to my perception of myself. When I feel good about myself, it radiates outwards, and other people look at me in a positive way. This meditation helps you feel good about yourself.  Enjoy.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Take a deep breath. Breath out.

Let all tension disappear.

Take another deep breath. Breath out and relax your whole body.

Take a third deep breath. Breath out. And as you breath out your relax more and more.

For every breath you take you go deeper and deeper into this tranquil meditative state.

I am very relaxed. My shoulders are relaxed. My neck is relaxed. My jaw is relaxed. My chest is relaxed. My neck is relaxed. My arms are relaxed. I feel that they are resting heavily.

My back is relaxed. My legs are relaxed. My feet are relaxed. My toes are relaxed.

And as I feel that my toes are relaxed, I feel my fingers relaxing.

And I feel this love that I have for my body.

I have this nurturing love.

I feel this energy. The light coming from the universe making me breath deeply and easily.

I feel this tranquil bliss filling up my heart. And we are so relaxed. My brain, my mind, my heart, my body.

All parts of my body.

Everything is OK. I know that everything is OK. My heart knows that everything is OK.

I go from my brain to my heart. I let my heart take control.

My heart knows. My heart has wisdom.

And as I sit here or lie here, I feel this infinite bliss filling up my heart.

Giving me this wonderful tranquil state of bliss where I know that everything is OK. Everything is Perfect.

And as I feel this, I feel all parts of my body healing as well.

My skin is healing. My teeth are healing. My eyes are healing. All my internal organs are healing. My liver is healing. My kidneys are healing. My stomach and digestion is healing. My ears and my hearing is healing. My voice is healing. My back is healing. My joints are healing. My legs are healing .My arms and shoulders are healing. My neck is healing. All parts of my body are healing.

And they are filling up with this great blissful Light.

And we are OK. All of us are OK.

I know that everything is OK. Everything…is Perfect just the way it is.

I love and accept myself and my body. My body is Perfect. And I take care of it. I feed it with nourishing food. Green, life giving food. Food that is alive. Colorful. Full of all colors.

And I thank my body for holding me up and strengthening me on my path through this life. I am thanking my legs. And as I am thanking my legs I think of my arms. My strong arms. And I think of my back. My flexible, strong back. And I thank my teeth for being healthy and strong. Being able to chew my food. And I thank my digestion and all the necessary bacterias in my digestive system for taking care of me and all the food that I eat, extracting all the nutrients that I need. I am thanking my heart for pumping the blood around in my body. And I’m thanking all my cells for receiving all the oxygen in my heart and from the air around me.

And I’m thanking this planet and this earth for nourishing me. And I’m thanking this Universe. And as I’m thanking everything in my life with my Heart, I am going into this deep tranquil meditation….NOW.

I feel so happy. I have this deep gratitude for everything. Everything this universe and this life has given me. And I thank this body for keeping me up. Following me around. Giving me all these wonderful experiences.

I thank the Universe for the way I look. And I accept and I love the way I look. I look perfect. I am beautiful. My body is beautiful. Everything created is beautiful. I am a part of this Universe. This magnificent, magnificent beautiful universe. And I can be nothing but beautiful myself.

I am coming back to my body now. Back to this moment and back to this place. I am feeling my body, I am feeling my arms, my legs, my torso. I am feeling my eyes. I am coming back to this moment.

I am opening my eyes now. My eyes are open. And I am thanking for thins meditation. Thank you.


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