Love and Money

Today we have a world largely controlled by money (read ‘greed’), not Love. In some cases we find Love, actions based on Love, and the results from Love. But many people live their lives based on fear. Fear of not having enough. Not enough money, food, time, love…. It will be a totally different world if all our actions and choices were based on Love. How can we base everything we do on Love? Well, if you have the choice between doing something you love, and something you only earn money on, what will you choose? And this is the choice we’re all facing in this world in all our lives. Some people choose money, some Love. The problem is that the ones only choosing money (and the greed that goes with it) gets blinded by it and can’t see Love. And the ones choosing Love can also get blinded by that and not see money. These are the extremes, and there are of course a lot in between.

The time has come to bridge the gap between Love and Money and Let Love Rule. Money has ruled the earth the last 10 000 years or so, while Love has been patiently waiting on the sidelines. There are tendencies in the world, though, that Love is making a comeback, even it doesn’t look like it, with the financial crisis and all. But the more Love knocks on the door of Humanity, the more it will shake its foundations, and the more havoc it will be, until it all calms down again into a state where (hopefully) Love has won. Or at least where Love is dominant, rather than money and greed.

IMG_9318Love and Money is about the enlightenment of Humanity. The more humans look at other as themselves, the less we will think about money, and the more one actions will be based on Love. Because when money is out of the picture, we can concentrate on making this the best planet in the galaxy, or even in the whole universe! The narrow self-centered mind of money hiders any development in that direction. The more we think about money, the worse this world will be for us. The more we think about Love, the better it will be for everybody. When the focus lies on what we Love doing for ourselves and for others, we don’t need all this paperwork. We don’t need all these contracts, and we don’t need to be afraid of if we will get paid or not.

When there truly is Love in this world, everyone will get paid. Both with the Joy they get from doing what they love, and from whatever other gift one might get in return from the people one pleases. Food will grow in abundance for everyone, since no big corporations will have any interest in ripping off anyone, because we are all in it for the Love, not the money. With Love there will be plenty of food, water, land, and every possible thing for everyone. Because with Love, one will automatically share, since sharing and giving gives the best feelings back to the giver. When people truly realize this, this world we be a completely different one.

It will be a world where one doesn’t have to worry about anything. There will be plenty of activities for everyone, and plenty of time. Love will create true abundance on this planet, something that money has tried doing for millennia, but can never do. Money will always have greed connected to it. Money hoards and closes in, while Love opens up and shares. I know it is not easy to just ‘choose Love’ if money is tight today. But remember, that Love is also the biggest source of creativity, and the opposite of fear. So, if you choose Love, the most creative solutions will come to you, helping you out of any trouble you might be in. Choose Love, and let everyone around you do the same.

And paradoxically enough, the less you think of money and the more you think of Love and sharing with your heart, the more money will come to you. So, one should think that when ‘all of us’ thought like this, there would be plenty of Love and Money for everyone! And of course it would, but, when all of us do what we do out of Love and not money, there wouldn’t be any need for money, now would it….  ;)