More Meditation

“I need to do more meditation”. I have thought this to myself too many times. The reason is that I have realized, understood, experienced and internalized that meditation is the most liberating thing I can do. Actually, it beats everything else. Yup. It sounds incredible, but true. It beats seeing the breathtaking nature of the mountains of Norway. It beats earning a lot of money. It beats eating a fantastic meal. It even beats wonderful sex…well…yes, actually. The problem is that I still do too little meditation, even though I know it is the best I can do for myself.

IMG_0921Early in my life I had a feeling that ‘meditation was good’ and that I should try it. The problem was that I was way to restless to sit still for any amount of time to be able to call it ‘meditation’. I then found Tai Chi and Chi Gong, two techniques where one meditates while moving. Now this worked well for me for a long time. Then I took a course in The Silva Method, a still sitting meditation, but more active use of the mind, with affirmations and visualizations. This worked pretty well for awhile, except I didn’t manage to feel totally stress free with it.

I continued my search for more meditation forms and found Falun Gong. Now this was also an asiatic form, drawing inspiration from both Tai Chi and Chi Gong, and was developed by Mr. Lee Hongzi. I learned this from free tutorial videos on the web, and also met practitioners who got together once a week to practice, and willingly taught the newcomers for free. I really liked Falun Gong, as it both strengthened the body and the mind. But, the stress I often felt in my chest was not always relieved, even with this meditation form.

At last I found The Knowledge, taught by Maharaji, or Prem Rawat, and indian guru, travelling the world in suit and tie, giving teachings for free. It took me about a year to finally learn the techniques, since I had to listen through ‘The Keys’, several sets of DVDs with Maharaji talking. The viewing of the DVDs was most fulfilling and soothing as Maharaji has a lot of wisdom. A LOT of wisdom. And he shares it freely. To learn The Knowledge techniques is free. There are four techniques, but just as important, is to have Maharaji’s wisdom inprinted in oneself. And his main message is: “Happiness, fulfillment, joy, love and bliss is inside. Not outside. It is within every human being.” And the techniques is a tool to go within, which of course all meditation techniques are. Except, to me, The Knowledge techniques work very well, most of the time.

This was a brief history of my ‘meditation life’. And this blog will be my act of airing and sharing my experiences for the benefit of all. My aim is to give new meaning to meditation and also even develop and present new techniques.