My Top 6 Awareness List

IMG_7675Everybody talks about ‘awareness’. Ok, then, what am I supposed to be aware of? Because ‘awareness’ is just an empty word without really knowing what, as I said, to be aware of. Of course, there are endless amounts of things to be aware of in your life. Everything from the smallest to the biggest things. Here, though, I am only thinking about some very few essential things that might contribute to give you a more stress free life and a different experience of life. Here’s my Top 6 ‘awareness list’:

  1. We live for ever and are not our bodies, but rather consciousness experiencing life in a body. There’s no death.
  2. Everything in this world is created by me/us through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  3. God, You and I is One and the Same.
  4. We Really Don’t Need Money. Experience the liberating feeling of a resource based gift economy.
  5. Happiness is Inside. Never let any outer circumstance (like money) determine your happiness.
  6. Your reality is like a mirror, reflecting your inner state, albeit somewhat delayed.

Of course, every one of these points could have filled several books. And there are written several books about them too, and thousands, if not millions of people have had experiences that confirms them. Keeping these points in mind, at least for me, produces much more good feelings than anything else, and these feelings are reflected in my life as positive experiences. These points might seem scary at first, but when you come to terms with them, think about them, read about them, and maybe experience them, they start to be soothing and liberating.

Living in the conscious awareness makes you think about what you can give, rather than get. It makes you live a life of joy, rather than regret. It brings you happiness at heart, it fulfills your dreams when they are for the common good, and it gives you a lasting kind of happiness, rather than the typical roller coaster feeling you get from being ‘money smart’.