Play With The Clay Of Physical Reality

Circumstances Don’t Matter. Only State of Being Matters. 

These words are from a video of Bashar. Haven’t heard of Bashar? Bashar is an entity channeled since 1987 by Darryl Anka. He says a lot of smart stuff. Very recommendable to Google him and check out his videos. There are tons of them on all kinds of subjects.

IMG_7677.jpgAnyway, these words ‘made my day’ the other day, and still does. It’s so easy to forget. Outer circumstanced doesn’t matter, a.k.a. they don’t materialize, while State Of Being do materialize. They turn into matter. My reality, or at least my perception of my reality, comes from my mind, my state of mind, my state of being. And, there really isn’t anything but my perception of reality. Why? Because reality is what I perceive. If I don’t perceive it, it’s not in my reality.

This is the crux. This is the essence of reality. And you don’t have to ‘believe’ it as you can explore and investigate this yourself, right away.

This winter I’ve had this sore feeling every morning. Not really depressed, but more like I ‘sold butter but didn’t get any money for it’, like my mother used to say. I meditated, and it helped, but the feeling kept coming back every day. Like this ‘feeling sorry for myself’ feeling.

The words of Bashar became the redeeming words I needed to hear. Sometimes you can hear these words, and it doesn’t do a thing, while other times, ‘ding!’, and I ‘get it’. It’s like a mind switch.

When you stop looking for elements outside of yourself and realize fully that your happiness and your reality is produced within yourself, and you kinda ‘draw down’ that joyful feeling of gratitude, or whatever you want to call it, and you get that feeling, not because the sun is shining but because you simply are that feeling, then, yes then, you have turned it upside down, or rather, the right side up.

Try to keep that feeling a whole day. I know, it ain’t easy, especially if/when you encounter roadblock on the way. Still, just try to, as Bashar says, play with it, play with the roadblock. Laugh at them! Well, be weary to laugh in your bosses face, but at least, smile at them. Let your happy inside out. And, low and behold, your reality will change.

I’ve experienced it so many times in my life. The more I can keep that joyful feeling inside, the less roadblocks I meet, and the less problems I encounter. And, the more opportunities comes my way! Automatic! Now, if this really happens, that all you have to do is to have that real feeling of joy inside, I think it is worth a try.

Here’s the Bashar video. Enjoy.

I recommend watching it several times.