The Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are many. In short, you could say that meditation can fix your life. A pretty bold statement, but I believe it to be true. Well, I actually not only believe it to be true, but I experience it to be true. I admit that meditation doesn’t always work. It is not like a magic stick that you can wave with, and then all your problems will go away. Still, it’s not far from it.

IMG_6711I can write a long list of benefits from meditation, but you have probably found that elsewhere on the net. So, no need for me to repeat it here. Instead, I will tell you about the benefits I experience directly with meditation.

I say it can ‘fix your life’, and I mean that. Why? Because meditation is getting in contact with your true self, the energy or ‘place’ where everything comes from. When you meditate, and do get in touch with this place (because you might sit with your eyes closed and not get in touch with that place), you get in touch with the source of everything in your life.

Ok, let me try to explain it like this. You can let yourself be influenced by two main forces in your life:

  1. The external forces. The ones outside of you. Or
  2. Your internal source. The force inside of you.

Of course, the external forces can make you very happy, but, as you might have noticed, they can also make you very sad. That’s why when you let your self be influenced by the external forces in your life, your mood will also fluctuate according to those forces. Your internal force, on the other hand, your source, your true self, your bliss, never fluctuates. It radiates only bliss, only peace. And this peace, this feeling of fulfillment, is what you get in touch with through meditation.

This is not some kind of ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’. The effects of meditation have been proven in many studies. But of course, the best is to experience it yourself.

As I said, it’s not a magic stick, but at the same time, it is. Meaning that to get to that core, that center of your being and really feel that bliss and fulfillment takes practice. And, you have to find the right practice, the one that works for you. There are hundreds of different meditation practices in the world, and it can be cumbersome to try all of them to find one that works.

And that is a part of the reason I have this blog, to help you find what works for you. Maybe some of what I present here will work. In any case, there’s no point in trying something that doesn’t work over and over again. To me, not only meditation have been important to find my inner bliss. Information is equally important. You have to know that it is there, and almost expect it to give you the peace you need. And to me, reading a lot of books about the nature of the universe (not only the ‘official scientific’ view) has helped me, following my intuition about what to read and what not to waste my time on.

Now, back to the benefits of meditation. When I meditate and find my peace, all my problems melt away. Really. But understand me right. My life is, seen from the outside, exactly the same. Still, it is not. Because before my meditation, I might have been in despair for several reasons, but all of them relating to me letting myself be controlled by the external forces.

When I go into meditation successfully, my external problems get transformed. My spouse, who I might have had an argument with just before, turns into the beautiful princess I once married. My difficult client turns into a golden opportunity. The knot in my stomach is loosened up. The point is not that nothing matters anymore. The point is that it matters in a different way.

It matters in a lovingly way. Now that I have my bliss again, I automatically shine my light and my love on all of it, and all of it turns to gold. To opportunities. To light. To love. All of those ‘problems’ become…..a part of me, which they were from the beginning. Only now I see it totally clear.

The ‘problems’ seize to be problems. The become what they are. Illusions. But not unreal. It’s a paradox, but this is the way it is. When I meditate, and after meditation when my bliss is still with me (because it won’t be there for ever, you have to fill up again…). I can look at the world and everything I was angry and sad about before and feel compassion. True compassion. Not the ‘feel sorry for’ kind, but the one where, simply by looking at it or thinking about it, shines love at it.

When I have this charisma, this ‘glory’, this bliss, it get noticed, and my life flows much easier. Not only in direct contact with other people, but also in both day to day tasks and in longer projects. Good things ‘come to me’. While, when influenced by the ‘external forces’, bad things tend to stand in line. But as said, when in my bliss and peace, good things come to me almost automatically.

I don’t have to run through heaps of ‘positive affirmations’ or ‘think positively’ all the time, or ‘write down my goals and dreams and wishes’ or anything like that. All I have to do is to ask my self (the True Self, that is, the one you get in touch with through meditation), what I really want, and the answers will come to me, and they will fit like my hand in my skin (which is a really snug fit).

Because you probably don’t want a Ferrari, or a private jet, or your own swimming pool. Sure, those things could all be ‘fun to have’, but they are not what your soul wants, and they are not what you need. These are not the things that will make you happy. Trust me. They don’t even make the ones who have them happy. What makes you truly happy is what you have inside. It is your True Self. Your True Self is what is holding the key to your happiness.

And, actually, what your True Self gives you will not make you happy either. Hm…..why? Because your True Self IS happiness itself. So, what your True Self gives you as your ‘want’s’ are not things that will satisfy your ego (which is based on your external influences), they are things that will satisfy your True Self. Not that it can be satisfied, since it already is satisfied, being satisfaction itself. No, the tasks you get from your True Self is only for you to experience this satisfaction and fulfillment in this life.

Wow. Now, there I said it.

Another thing is that I also see the things around me as new. I can marvel at the knife and fork at the table, the ones I just ate my dinner with, thinking nothing more of it, but after meditation they….shine. Everything shines. Everything glows. Meditation also gives me concrete solutions. Now, this may vary from person to person. Some might get solutions while meditating, while some get them after meditating.

I often get them while meditating, which at times can be somewhat impractical, since I often can’t resist acting on the idea (solution) given to me. So, sometimes I interrupt my meditation to write it down or act on it in another way. Sometimes I have gotten such ‘huge’ ideas and so many that I can only write it down, but only hope to get them realized someday.

To sum up, the benefits of meditating for me is:

  1. I am fixing my life.
  2. My problems fade away.
  3. I get true fulfillment.
  4. I feel inner peace and joy.
  5. I experience clarity.
  6. Good things, people and situations come to me.
  7. I want to do good things for others.
  8. I get loads of good ideas and solutions.

Meditation is like the relieving feeling of understanding that everything is OK, everything is good and perfect, and there’s nothing to worry about after all. True Meditation is like waking up from a bad dream.

Namaste everyone

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  1. Your Views about meditation and the TRUE SELF is really amazing… It rings my bell in some corner of my mind..THANK YOU.

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