What Is Life?

In common language, we use the words ‘my life’, talking about the life that I live and have lived since I was born and until I die. This is ‘my life’. It makes sense in a way I guess. But what about everybody else’s life? We are talking about ‘ life’s saved’ when someone are saved from an earthquake, or a fire.

IMG_0449‘Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes(biology) from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.’ (Wikipedia).

Life, in other words, is something that is ‘self-sustaining’ and ‘signaling’. Hm… This means that everything that is self-sustaining and signaling is a living thing. Don’t know what they mean by ‘signaling’, but ‘self-sustaining’ is pretty clear. I’d say that this planet is self-sustaining in a sense. except, it is dependent of the sun… Ok, the sun is self sustaining then, or not? Isn’t it also dependent of the the rest of the universe? Actually, nothing is really self sustaining, except the universe itself. So, life is the whole universe, not a part of it.

I would say that life is absolutely everything in this and every other universe. I wouldn’t say that anything can be called ‘dead’. Yes, we use these words in everyday talk. ‘Life and death’. But, what is ‘death’ and what is ‘life’? Really? My mother ‘died’ a few years ago. That to say her body seized functioning. She just kept lying in her bed with her mouth open and eyes closed. And if she had continued lying there, her body would probably have decomposed after a while. Well, that didn’t happen. The coroner came and picked her up, and she was cremated. I keep saying ‘she’, but I mean her body.

Still, we say that ‘she’ was dead. We don’t say ‘her body’ was dead, even though we constantly refer to these two things as separate when she was alive. We are all walking around thinking about our bodies as ‘ourselves’. Still, we say ‘my body’ as ‘we’ are one entity, and ‘our body’ is another. And this is quite natural, since we have a consciousness that experiences ‘the body’ as well as ‘the life’, while ‘we’ are the experiencer. The truth is that ‘body’ and ‘life’ is only different perspectives we can take with our consciousness.

‘Life’ is our whole consciousness unfolded.

Everything we see is ‘life’. We say that ‘that’s life’ when we experience something ‘bad’. Haha! We even say that when someone dies! ‘Ah, your mother died. Well, that’s life!’, we can say. And it truly is. Death is a part of life. It is a very very big part of life. Because everything is constantly dying, just at the same time as it is living. It is a big paradox, but that’s the way it is. When a tree grows, parts of it ‘dies’ constantly. Leaves fall off, branches fall off, bark fall off. At the same time the dead leaves gives ‘life’ to new trees when the leaves rot. The whole process is life. You can not say that ‘this is life’ and ‘this is death’.

And then we come to the question of consciousness after ‘death’. There is so much ‘circumstantial evidence’ that says that we not only regain our consciousness when we ‘die’, but that it even get’s expanded. Many people tell stories about ‘near death experiences’. Actually, I would say that many of these experiences are not ‘near death’, but rather actual ‘death experiences’. In the book ‘The Day I Died’, 22 persons tell about their different death experiences. They all have similarities, and they all (except one, I think) got the profound feeling, well not only feeling, but rather knowledge, that life is not over when we ‘die’.

Other sources (Bashar, for instance) describe death as ‘waking up from a dream’ you had. And when you think about it, it doesn’t sound that far-fetched. When you sleep, you dream, and the dreams can seem just as ‘real’ as ‘real life’. Most of us doesn’t know that we are dreaming when we dream. Still, dreaming often seems more ‘weird’ that this life. Many times, though, this life’s seems pretty weird as well, and personally, I have no trouble believing that when we die it’s like waking up from a dream.

And it’s not just a belief I have, it is also rooted in science and logic.

Science, especially quantum physics, but now also even newer approaches to this, says that ‘ consciousness is everything’. You can not separate yourself from the world you experience. You are both the experiencer and the experienced, actually creating the world you experience. You are both the creator and the created. And when you think about it, it is understandable as well. Science did long ago define the ‘atom’ as the ‘smallest particle’. Later, they defined atoms as consisting of protons and electrons. Now they’ve found even smaller particles. Except that it’s difficult for them to call them ‘particles’, since they also behave as waves when they are not observed! How they can tell how something behaves when not observed, I don’t know, but science have found their clever methods to do this. So, basically what this means is that everything is energy. Waves of energy. And when we ‘observe’ it, it changes! And it is WE who changes it with our thoughts and feelings. Then we come to the core of the matter, which is ‘I’. Who am I? Well, ‘I’ is the one who creates this life. ‘I’ am the creator. I create all my thoughts and feelings. The thoughts and feelings are nothing more than energy. Creative energy. It is this energy that has created this whole universe, that has created Life. And we all possess this energy. Every single one of us possess the energy of Life.

Yes, this whole ‘life’ thing is mind-boggling. I haven’t mentioned religions yet either, but they play their role, also, bringing ‘God’ into the picture. ‘God created Life’ they say. I would rather say that God IS Life. The whole process of Life itself, IS what we call God. So God is the conscious unfolding of Life. And we, as humans, play our part in this whole game when we create our own private lives. The whole process of Life is what we are born into and are a part of, while we still ARE Life itself.

When we truly realize that Life is not ending when we ‘die’, and that the life that we are living is not really ‘real’, but more like a dream, then, at least for me, it is much easier to really Live. There is no need to take things so seriously then. Yes, I feel pain sometimes, but I also feel joy. I have experiences. They are not really good or bad, they just are. They are all a part of this life that I am living. Truly, I’ve never been afraid to die, either. I have always felt that ‘dying’ is no big deal. At least it is not something to fear. Certainly, society have done it’s best to make me fear death. Religions with their heaven and hell, and science with it’s oblivion.

How come then, I’ve not been convinced of any of it? I haven’t grown up in a particularly ‘spiritual’ family. I was baptized into Christianity as a baby, and my mother promised the church she would give me a ‘Christian’ upbringing. She was Christian as a youth, but it had faded when I grew up. The ‘Christian upbringing’ consisted of her showing me a picture book of Jesus’ birth and giving me a children’s bible. I remember I thought the story about Jesus was nice and interesting, but I soon understood that there were other religions in the world, saying different things. How could one be right, and the rest all wrong? It didn’t make sense to me.

I just had a feeling from a very small child, that ‘there was something more’. Something I hadn’t been told. There was something about this life that the world didn’t seem to know, and was hidden somewhere. So, I started searching, and I did find many many interesting ‘stories’, experiences and theories. I am still searching, but I feel I have accumulated so much information now, that it is time to share it with the world.

Life is wonderful. Literally. Wonderful. It is really magical. Don’t you think so? I am willing to bet that any life, any, no matter how ‘miserable’ it might seem is magical. Because everything in life IS magical. Science can’t explain a fraction of it. And when they can, it will STILL be magical. The reason is that it is infinite. Life is infinite. It never ends. And every little THING is infinite. Just look at your hand. If you want to measure the length of one of your fingers, and really measure it, you will find that it never ends. Because to REALLY measure it, you have to go up and down every wrinkle and around EVERY atom on the surface of it. And not only that, but you’ll have to go around every proton and electron too. So, you see, your finger is really unmeasurable. It is infinite. Your finger is like a never ending universe. And it is like this with everything around us. And it is beautiful. It fills me with awe and wonder. And I am so grateful to actually BE ALIVE! And, I have been told, that when my life ends here on earth, it continues somewhere else. Life, I Love it.