What Is Success Anyway?

Hi there. We all strive for success. From the day we are born until the day we die, we need to have some kind of success in our lives. It starts with gaining control of our limbs, to walking, talking, reading, maybe singing. And after that we go on and on, craving success in life.

IMG_7552We do. There’s no way around it. But success can be very disappointing if we don’t get it. Especially if we try and try and try and try, but never seem to get the success we are hoping for. It takes a strong mind to endure such experiences. Are you strong? Or do you let failures let you down. Do you give up? Or do you walk on no matter what.

There is personal success, that only include ourselves. Like swimming. When you’ve learnt to swim, you’re very satisfied, because you now can play in the water without any floating device. Same with singing. When you learn to sing, you are happy with yourself, that you can control your voice the way you wanted and dreamed of.

But then, then you want to compete with other swimmers, or sing for others. And of course, your family will listen, unless you’re totally miserable. You want to release a CD, you want to be famous, you want to sell records, you want this and you want that. And then you get caught in a web of does and don’ts. To be famous you have to wear this kinds of clothes, and have that kind of image, sing this kinds of songs and be reviewed by that kind of people.

Yes, it is difficult to have success. Many demands. No matter what you want success within. Be it the record industry, on the internet, as an english professor, as an investor, or as a mother or as a swimmer. It never stops. Books and books are written about how to do this and how to do that. How to succeed here and how to succeed there. And you have to read them all to make it. Read and read and study and study. So many people want to tell you how you can get that success.

But what is it? Success. Is it when you have sold 10 million records? Or get 100 000 visitors a day to your website? Or get recognition from you peers at the university? Or have children successful at school and in sports? Or to have earned 10 million dollars? Really. There is no measure for success. Only your own. But your own measure tends to be influenced strongly by what is society’s standards. You try to live up to them. Trying and trying and trying. But for what?

For what? Since it only makes you miserable. Letting someone else decide what constitutes your success makes you miserable. The only one who can measure your success is you. Of course, sometimes you think that you are your own judge. You think that your longings are yours, that your urges comes from you, but they don’t. Be aware. You are so influenced by society that you don’t know it your self. We all are.

That is why I am writing this article. To wake you up. Wake up! Be your own judge. Don’t let anyone else’s judgement have any effect on you. It is not yours. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. They are not you.

Your happiness is strongly connected to who you think you are and who you let yourself be controlled by. If you think you are someone else than your self, and is controlled by someone else than your self, you will be unhappy. Your life will be miserable.

So wake up! For God’s sake, wake up! For Your sake, wake up!

Do YOUR thing. Not somebody else’s. No, YOUR thing. Your life is YOURS, no one else’s. Your mind is YOURS, no one else’s. Your body is YOURS, nobody else’s.

Don’t compare yourself to    a-n-y      o-n-e      e-l-s-e.

I know it can be hard. Believe me. I’ve been there and done that, got the t-shirt, burnt it!

Think about yourself. No, not in an egotistical way. Because your true self is all of us. Just think about it for a moment. When you experience something, you experience it through you, right? It is through your senses. The images appear in your mind. Thus everything you see around you…..is you. It is as simple, and strange, as this.

This is why you will feel miserable when you try to copy someone else’s success. Because their success is really yours. And trying to get something that’s really your’s will make your mind feel miserable. It is in you already. Yes, it feels strange, I know. It is like that for me too. Writing this is as much therapy for me as it is for you reading it. No wonder, since we are both ONE.

Yes, this makes me feel better. It makes me relax. No stress anymore. No sadness for not reaching my goals, yet. No need to compare myself to others anymore. No need to. We are all in the same boat.

With this in mind, it becomes much easier to just share without any demand of return. Sharing in itself will be the act that gives you happiness and joy. And when you continue to share of yourself, you will eventually get your sharing back. Your true sharing will reflect upon others and come back to you as their gratitude. And in our society, gratitude is often given in the form of money.

Of course, it doesn’t have to come in the form of money. It can come in many forms. The Universe itself, can give your true sharing back to you as unexpected successes, or surprising positive events, through people or through the workings of the day itself.

In the beginning, it made me feel worse, because my mind didn’t really understand it. But now it makes me feel better. It makes me understand that none of my problems are really mine. None of my challenges are mine. They are ours. They are the Universe’s. So I leave them to the Universe.

And the very best way to leave them to the universe is to meditate. When I close my eyes in the knowledge that my peace and my own joy is inside all my fears and stressful thoughts simply melt away. I might have to sit for 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, or maybe even an hour, and I may try different techniques and methods, but eventually, all the stress will melt away.

It is a combination of knowing and releasing.

I know that my happiness is inside and that this whole perception of reality is created by me, and I take my power back from this creation by affirming it.

I release every thought and notion of the opposite, letting it melt away, resetting my mind with the original program.